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[Regulation + Model] Change

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1. Name the topic should be mandatory  :


[CHANGE] product name"   

[CHANGE] 'X' with 'Y'

2. It is mandatory posting images to the product / products held, otherwise your topic is closed and archived.

3. It is forbidden exchange accounts of games that do not allow this.
4. It is forbidden exchange programs such as "hack".
5. Both recommendations are not accompanied by proof punished.

6. You are allowed a maximum of two sites per day topic.

FastCs community assumes no responsibility if you receive sliver from a member you have not used an intermediary!

7. Any deviation from this regulation result in suspension of your forum up to 30 days.
8. People who have a minimum of 7 days from filing the forum are not allowed to open any topic in this section.

9. The topic that does not comply with section model for this post will be closed and archived.

10. Proof must not contain any advertising (websites, IPs, words or signs vulgare) otherwise penalties will apply.

11.  Open one topic for each product you want to change it!

12. MANDATORY must complete the whole model of post section.

13. Multiple posts to be penalized with WARN!

In case you have not contacted an intermediary instead become directly responsible if you took "sliver"!

14. It is strictly forbidden the sale of products that are available for free on the Internet.
15. Not allowed exchange of invitations or accounts trackers.

16. If you think you've been offended or vulgar response was reported :

17. Intentional misuse "REPORT" is santion with WARN or BAN depending on the situation.
18. Subjects with inactivity more than 3 days will be automatically closed by the moderators and SuperModerators of section.
19. It is mandatory that each exchange of a product after posting evidence (pictures or video) such that the transaction was successful. Otherwise you will get banned from post / threads in this section.

Those who gave sliver forum will be banned permanently without any discussion!






  EXCHANGE steam account

EXCHANGE 'X' with 'Y'




* Name on the forum:


* Product that change:

* Your Product description:

* Other specifications:

* Proof product (ss):

* Product / Amount that / wants in exchange:

Product description :

*Want intermediary? :







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